Building strong, cohesive leadership teams with God in the center.



“Healthy Leaders Create Healthy Workplaces. Healthy Workplaces Make Our Families Better.”

When we create workplaces where people know they’re loved, where everyone brings out the best in each other, and they’re all paid fairly, we go home feeling fulfilled.

Many families struggle with many things. When people know they’re loved at work, they bring some of that love home, and their families improve. As their families get better, they bring that love and joy back to work and do their best to make their organization succeed.

Does that sound like your workplace or organization? If not, how will you get there?

We believe the answer comes when business leaders take their calling as employers seriously and journey toward God’s definition of success, not only for themselves but their employees and their families, their customers and vendors, and their local community.

Amazing things happen when we invite God into every aspect of our workplace. I’ve spent many decades learning and implementing biblical principles in my organizations, and I want to help other business leaders do the same.

If your organization needs a tune-up or major course correction, I’d love to help you get there.


Simple Systems that WORK

“The principles that Phil taught us put us in a position where we had a financial cushion for the 1st moment in our lives.”

Ira Huber

Ira Huber

Irvington, Kentucky

Bridging Business and the Bible

“Phil is a master at bringing focus into the challenges business presents. Phil is good at identifying the issues and bringing together a simple step by step action plan. What attracted us to Phil was his firm belief in God and that the answers to our business challenges can be found in the Word of God. Phil was able to carefully walk us through processes of bringing the Word of God into the workplace.”

James Stoltzfus

James Stoltzfus

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Practical Steps to Breakthrough

“Putting in place Phil’s systems helped grow out organization from 6 employees to 30, and I have stronger relationships with God and my family than before.”

Jon Reinagel

Jon Reinagel

Beira, Mozambique


We work alongside the CEO and the Leadership team to:

  • Identify the unique challenges facing your organization
  • Build or refine a strong and cohesive leadership team
  • Create a master plan
  • Develop systems around the master plan
  • Empower your team through healthy delegation & support
  • Establish internal and external accountability measures
  • Implement continuous improvement strategies
  • Help you become a better decision maker
  • Connect you with trusted resources to support your business
  • Become proficient at leading change effectively
  • Learn how to hear from God daily
  • Utilize the Bible & Prayer to grow a healthy organization

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