Phillip Cohen

Phillip Cohen founded Healthy Leaders, a coaching ministry that helps struggling business owners build strong, cohesive leadership teams with God in the center.  His talks, workshops, seminars plus his frequent podcasts carry his message of discovering and inviting Jesus into every aspect of life, often in unexpected ways and places. This theme weaves through his book revealing his own life and struggles.

Phillips topics include….

  • Growing up Jewish in a strongly anti-Semitic culture and what it’s like “crossing the line” to giving my life to Jesus.
  • From family life with a troubled abusive father, the lifelong search through hippie communes, rage, and church culture for the God who heals.
  • The Mennonite experience. How one can be an ‘outsider’ while in community.
  • Bridging the work life and personal life into a God-Centered life.
  • Building Success in a God-centered business
  • What prompted me to develop Healthy Leaders after you retired?
  • Getting out when feeling lost and empty inside, free-falling into a dark pit in personal and business life.
  • How my mind and heart can be healed from experiences you didn’t know could be healed.
  • The “outside the church’ Jesus who meets you where you are.
  • Jesus Shines Through – the book, the experience, the message

Check the podcasts below to listen to Phillip share his journey and its relevance for your audience.

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Guest Appearances

Bagels & Blessings Podcast

Bagels and Blessings is a ministry of Messianic Congregation Shema Yisrael. We are Jews and Gentiles who have found faith in Messiah Yeshua! I am sure you will agree with me that it is important that the Rochester community learns how to witness to their Jewish friends.


Phil's Podcasts

The Jesus Shines Through Podcast dives deep into personal journeys of faith, struggles, and revelations. Join hosts Peter and Phil as they share heartfelt conversations about surrendering to God, overcoming emotional trauma, and finding hope in challenging times.

Every leader faces constant, often relentless challenges. The way we navigate our challenges will make a deep and lasting impact. We’re here to help leaders with practical tools based on Biblical principles, and resource you to lead you and your organization to health.