Book Reviews

“This book caused me to really ponder John 14:6 passage again! My life was proof enough for me that one’s search for the truth will ultimately lead them to Jesus. Phil’s willingness to bear his soul confirms my conviction! I could feel his soul searching for truth through abuse, poverty, rejection, drugs, loneliness, confusion, family, wealth, and even religion. “Jesus Shines Through” is emotionally challenging to read, but you are compelled to continue until the end. You want to know where this life’s journey is going. The end will leave you thankful and give you courage to continue your journey of discovering the truth! Jesus Shines Through for all who seek the truth no matter where you begin your journey, or where it leads you along the way. Phil, thank you for sharing with us! I am blessed by your transparency. My hope has increased, my faith has been strengthened, and I am more confident in the matchless love of Jesus for all!”

Claude L. Bennett Jr.

Claude L. Bennett Jr.

Founder, Heaven on Earth Ministries

“Phil Cohen is an honest man with a pure heart. These pages are filled with memories. Some good, and others — not so good. Jesus Shines Through is the abiding theme of Phil’s life. In the depths of despair, Jesus shines through. In the heights of accomplishment, Jesus shines through. In the doldrums of daily life, Jesus shines through. Humans have an innate understanding that life is about so much more than punching-in and punching-out. Some seek solace in spirituality, while others pursue self-actualization. The tireless wondering always leads back to the origin: We were made by God, in His image, for communion with Him, and to His glory. As you read this story, my prayer for you is that you would find the Truth. That your eyes would see Jesus shining through.”

Peter Hartzell

Peter Hartzell

Founder & President, Tree House Media, LLC.

“Philip Cohen’s raw authenticity and vulnerability take the reader on a journey into the ravages of brokenness and abandonment.  This book is for those whose hopes and dreams seem continually shattered beyond repair. Are you stuck in cycles of addiction, mood swings, acting out, or depression? If so, please read this book to the end. There is hope.  Jesus does shine through, and He is shining through to you right now.”

Greg Smith

Greg Smith

Director of Outreach, New Horizons Foundation Inc.

“As I am someone also from a toxic Jewish home, in NYC, I can relate  Then we both got into the hippy life and into joyful Christian experience, then legalistic Christianity, then recovery.  Your transparent recounting of all your trauma and subsequent searching was riveting.

Your experience of the amazing joy of salvation in Messiah, which causes lifelong transformation, was what I can TOTALLY relate to.

However, your life in the world of Christian legalism was also much stronger than mine, although similarly my holiness people thought of themselves as the real Christians.   I love how the Mennonites talked about your intensity.  Jewish people tend to be intense.  We are like a spring of spiritual energy that has been wound and cocked and suppressed for 2000 years.  I’m soooo glad that you finally found healing and joy in Messiah in the wider evangelical world!”

Shmuel Wolkenfield – Senior Rabbi, Or HaOlam Messianic Synagogue

Kansas City, Missouri

“I so appreciated your passion for Jesus over many decades. You remained steadfast in your pursuit of Him even through many trials in your life.  Jesus indeed shines through your book, and my hope and prayer is it will lead many to seek Him. I love your writing style. I found the book to be  a real page turner.

I so appreciated you seeing Jesus shining through in many people throughout your life. Protestants and others often bash Catholics, but the unconditional love and joy in my wife’s Catholic family helped draw me to want what they had!  And Jesus continues to shine through them today and to impact my life. I hope to have rabbis and others see the peace, joy, and love in my heart and that I can leave my judgments at the cross. I pray for your eyesight and trust that God will continue to use you.”

Jim Adler – ADLER & MANSON, LC Attorneys at Law

“The Cohen’s remarkable journey epitomizes The Providence of God. God’s caring provision for Phil and Gina as He guided their journey of faith through life, accomplishing His purpose in them, is the story, Jesus Shines Through.

Their childhood lives were complete opposites. The heartbreaking events of Phil’s childhood survival, in a dysfunctional, violent, abusive home, as told in Jesus Shines Through, left him feeling worthless, angry, disillusioned, alone and looking for a place to belong.   Gina’s secure upper class, safe environment left her courageous, adventurous, and eager to break free to find herself in the world of the 70’s. Two most unlikely candidates for a lasting faith in Jesus, a marriage commitment that has survived over 40 years and produced nine amazingly gifted and talented children.

Wherever your life has led you, reading this book will give you hope in a Creator who is in control even in the chaos of life. He makes Beauty from Ashes.”

Linda K. Roberts – And It Came To Pass, All American Enterprises

“Your story shines a light into the dark and emptiness of a lifestyle without God, the despair and oppression of religion without relationship, and the constant, relentless love of our heavenly father, who will never stop pursuing our heart.

The writing style is very captivating and definitely makes you curious to what will happen next. Also, very easy to read. And the truth Jesus showed you about seeing each person as created in his beautiful image instead of through religious cautions is powerful! Thank you for the genuine invitation to meet Jesus at the end. I believe this will impact the hearts and lives of many.”

John Detwiler – General Manager, Detwiler Roofing, LLC