Memorize His Voice

My sheep hear my voice. John 10:27

I attended a Christian conference last summer where they estimated there were around 800 attendees. One day, during the chatter and clatter of everyone eating supper, I imagined Jesus standing up, talking in a normal tone of voice, and everyone there who knew his voice recognizing it apart from all the other voices.

We follow the voice of who or what we love. If we love money, we follow its voice. When we love our appetites, we follow their voices. We listen ever so closely until every fiber in us has memorized the voice.

When Jesus is my shepherd, I’ll know his voice so well, I can pick it out in the noisy crowd of the world and all the voices inside my head.

I knew a man who had been a prison guard. He told me that during his training, he was asked to put on noise-canceling headphones. A voice spoke into the headphones, representing his commander. He was to memorize the voice. They filled the headphones with the wild, crazy bedlam of hundreds of prisoners rioting. He was to ignore all those other voices and follow only his commander’s voice.

It’s relatively easy to hear the voice of Jesus when we’re in church. But what about when we leave and go out into the world of many voices?

Spend much time learning to recognize Jesus’ voice. Memorize the voice. Then listen and follow it through your day. His voice is leading you to a better place—he already knows the way. Then when you meet him in eternity, you’ll be able to put a face and a name to the voice you knew so well on earth.

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